masa itu emas..

Monday, September 24, 2012

what i'm doing after my student life..

it has been 3 weeks i'm become a trainee at significant technology.
where i have to finish my training period which are 15days for softskills and 70 or 80 days for technical skills.
quite a long period but i believe i'm able to make it.

even though it is just 3weeks, but i've learned and gain a lot of information and knowledge. in the simple way, i've learned 3 major part which are technical part, softskills part and spiritual part where i can improve my knowledge about ISLAM.

ape yg boleh aku ringkas kan:-

1) technical part
    - ape itu fiber, ape itu optik, ape itu RJ45.
    - fiber to the home
    - tier in m'sia :- telco --> vendor --> main con
    - kat mane tier yg sesuai dgn diri kite
    - how to make business when u know about tariff etc.

2) softskills part
    - worth--> self-esteem-->be confident
    - look something in different angle
    - push urself until ur limit
    - practice,practice, practice and practice
    - don't buy ur dream car in short term
    - tau beza kan btween asset n liabilities
    - beli emas

3)spiritual part
  - selalu communicate dan b'doa dgn Allah
  - selalu berselawat kpd Rasulullah
  - sekali kite berselawat, 10 kebaikan kite boleh dpt..insyaAllah
  - beza kan ilmu dgn informasi
  - everything u do u must align it with ur tuntutan dgn Allah.

Baru 3 minggu, tp mcm2 ak dpt.. ALHAMDULILLAH~
syukur dgn nikmat dan rezeki Allah..=)

p/s: rezeki masing2..percaye dgn rezeki Allah...

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